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Dabi, also known as Blueflame is a villain who was part of the League of Villains and was chief of the Vanguard Action Squad. He and the rest of his team are the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc. He is also an antagonist of the Pro Hero Arc .

After the Celebration of Renewal, the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army merge to form the Paranormal Liberation Front, and he becomes one of the 9 Officers.


bnha dabi

Dabi is a young man, quite tall, with rather pale skin and quite lanky build. His hair is black and peaks all around his skull, with a few strands falling between his eyes, which are turquoise, fine and heavily covered. Its most striking characteristic is undoubtedly the purple patches of deformed and wrinkled skin which cover a large part of its body, including the bottom of its face, its ears, the entirety of its neck and this skin extends on its collarbones.

He has this purple skin also present under his eyes, on his arms and legs. These pieces appear to be attached to the rest of his skin with multiple surgical clips or hoop piercings. Until now, it is impossible to know if Dabi has inflicted itself these burns or if they are accidental.

mha dabi

Dabi has several piercings to the cartilage of each ear, silver in color and a triple nasal piercing on the right side of his nose. At first, Dabi wore dark blue pants, cut just above his ankles and a jacket of the same color, with a high and torn collar. He also wore low black shoes without laces. Under his open jacket, Dabi also wears a plain pale gray t-shirt, revealing the top of his chest, and a gray belt with double rivets surrounds his waist with a leather satchel attached behind.

Since joining the Vanguard Action SquadDabi wears a new costume which consists of a black coat, much larger than his jacket and which consists of black sleeves, with at their end, thick circular cuffs of gray color that ends just above his elbows. On the top of his coat there are also white stitching on each shoulder, the collar being quite high, stopping under his jaw. His black coat is torn on either side below and descends below his knees.

dabi my hero

However, he also keeps the same t-shirt and the same belt but he replaced his pants with a wider and darker color and his shoes are replaced by fairly wide black boots.

How old is Dabi from My Hero Academia ?

how old is dabi from my hero academia

He is described as being in his twenties. Based on the Dabi Todoroki theoryDabi is either the first Todoroki child or the third Todoroki child. Fuyumi Todoroki who is the second child is 22 years old. 

Also Endeavor is only 46 so that makes us think that he had her when he was around 24 years old. We can guess then that Endeavor had his first child around 20-22 based on this.

His ideology

stain my hero academia

He wants to perpetuate the ideology of Stain by eliminating the false heroes as well as the villains who tell the story with their power and thus make a better world.

Dabi Quirk

dabi quirk

Dabi is shown to be a very capable villain, appearing to be the strongest member of the Vanguard Action Squad, given that he is the leader. He has enough power and intelligence to face a multitude of Pros Heroes. Its clones, created by Twice, were shown to be weaker than the real Blueflame but were powerful enough to repel Eraserhead and Vlad King during the attack on the forest. He was able to call back the Escort group from Bakugo and hold the latter by the neck with one hand. He was also able to subdue Snatch during their fight on the highway After Endeavor and Hawks beat High End, Dabi appeared on the same battlefield to confront the two heroes, ranked 1st and 2nd respectively in the ranking of Japanese heroes .

Dabi's fire quirk allows it to instantly generate blue flames from its body, expelling them at will from any part of the body with minimal effort. Its flames are extremely hot, and due to their blue coloring, their temperature and intensity are believed to be higher than that of a normal fire or that of Endeavor, being hot enough to burn a whole group of villains in ash in seconds. Dabi can also burn anything it touches, including hard materials like wood, rock and cement.

blueflame quirk

Offensively, Dabi uses its flames by creating fireballs, attacks like flame throwers and flashes of fire. Defensively, Dabi can generate enough flames to form massive flame walls to surround its targets.

 However, his body has a low tolerance for its own flames and will be burnt if used for prolonged periods.

MHA Dabi

Is Dabi a Todoroki ?

is dabi a todoroki

An interesting theory, but still unconfirmed, places Dabi within the Todoroki family. If the theory holds true, Dabi would be none other than one of Shoto's older brothers. The points advanced by this theory reside in the powers of Dabi, who manipulates a blue light as destructive as that of the members of the Todoroki family, whether Shoto or Endeavor, but also the ambitions of Dabi, based on those of Stain and well decided to sort through the heroes.

Provocative or even arrogant, he does not hesitate to challenge authority, even when it comes from Shigaraki Tomura, when they met during the formation of the League of Villains.

endeavor my hero academia

The age difference between Shoto and Dabi could also correspond to the usual 3/4 years of Todoroki children. The theory also highlights how Dabi fell into the villains' camp. Elder of the family, Dabi would have been quickly put aside by Endeavor, the child not having met the expectations of the ex n °2 hero.

is dabi a toroki

On Season 4 episode 25, during the flashback of Endeavor, we can see a little kid who is apparently one of Shoto's brother, however he didn't appear along the 2 others. His hair looks exactly like Dabi, after seeing that we are 100% sure that Dabi is a Todoroki.

Obviously, being placed on the bench from a young age, and by one's own father moreover, must be enough to crush the mind of any human. A hatred that would only have grown before reaching its peak as soon as Shoto reached the age of 5 and Endeavor removed the child from his family to train him hard so that one day he outperforms All Might.

dabi todoroki

After seeing his father remove Shoto from the family cocoon and intern his mother, Dabi would then have decided to spend his life fighting his father's dream. A theory that holds water, but which has not yet been confirmed. In any case, the burns of Dabi's body may well have been caused by Endeavor, in a battle that had taken place many years ago.

As Endeavor and Dabi are not big talkers, it will be necessary to wait until Kōhei Horikoshi is good enough to confirm or deny this theory. As for you, do you think the theory is plausible ?

dabi shoto

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