how old is todoroki

How old is Todoroki ?


Hello fans ! After writing an article on how old is Deku, it it time for us to do the same for one one the most popular character in the world of My Hero Academia. Indeed, today we’re going to talk about something that even the most die-hard fans of Shoto Todoroki don’t even know :

How old is Todoroki ?

This is a question that you can ask any fan of the series and they’d stutter when trying to answer. Whether it’s Todoroki birthday or how old is Shoto Todoroki at the moment, it’s hard to determine it because the series does not mention it often. If you don’t know Todoroki age, then you’ve come to the right place as this article will finally answer your questions !


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How old is Shoto Todoroki ?

how old is shoto todoroki

My Hero Academia is full of interesting characters, and Todoroki Shoto is one of the most popular and appreciated characters of the show, as he is known to be the strongest student at UA Class 1A. Todoroki Shoto is not a generic character that was just born strong and just grows stronger with the storyline progressing, he is instead a character with unique motivations, ambitions and a personality that easily sets him apart from the competition.

Naturally, fans want to know everything about him and one of the most important things about any person is their age and « How old is Todoroki Shoto » is one of the most common questions related to the anime and manga that you will see among the BNHA community.

how old is todoroki shoto

Todoroki's birthday is hard to determine for the average My Hero Academia fan because it’s not often that how old is Todoroki is brought up in the anime or manga. Not only that but the fact there's no indication about time or no indication at all about how much days/months passed which makes it harder to calculate how old is Shoto Todoroki as a whole.

Let’s start from the beginning and look into Todoroki age from the start to where we are right now in the storyline.

Shoto Todoroki Age

shoto todoroki age

Shoto Todoroki is one of the protagonists and main characters from My Hero Academia. He is a student at UA High School in the class 1A and was accepted by recommendation. He plans to become a Professional Hero. He is also the son of the current No.1 Heroes, Endeavor.

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From the beggining of the series to the end of the season 4 , Shoto Todoroki age is 16 years old and he was born on January 11th.

Since there are no timeskip in the series, Todoroki age is still 16 years old throughout the series. Le'ts now compare his age to his family members.

How old is Enji Todoroki ?

how old is enji todoroki

Shoto's father, Enji Todoroki aka Endeavor was born on August 8th and he is 45 years old.

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How old is Rei Todoroki ?

how old is rei todoroki

Rei Todoroki age is not mentionned in the series but the fans actually give her between 42 and 43 years old.

How old is Fuyumi Todoroki ?

how old is fuyumi todoroki

Fuyumi Todoroki age is 22 years old and she was born on December 6.

How old is Natsuo Todoroki ?

how old is natsuo todoroki

Natsuo Todoroki age is 19 years old and he was born on July 1st.

In order to summarize what was said during the article we have summarized the most important information in the form of questions to help you.

How old is Shoto Todoroki ?

Shoto Todoroki is currently 16 years old.

How old is Todoroki in season 4 ?

Todoroki age is still 16 years by the end of season 4.

Thank you for reading our article ! We hope that you liked it and if you want more interesting facts about your favorite My Hero Academia character, then make sure to check our blog.

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