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The Todoroki Family right now comprises of Enji Todoroki aka Endeavor the actual Number 1 Hero, his wife Rei Todoroki, and their four kids.

On today's article we will give you all the informations about the great Todoroki Family. Let's go !

BNHA Todoroki Family

The known members of the Todoroki family are :

Enji Todoroki

 enji todoroki portrait

Enji Todoroki, otherwise called Endeavor is the dad of Shoto Todoroki, and the No. 1 Hero since All Might resigned.

Rei Todoroki

rei todoroki portrait
Rei Todoroki is a regular citizen who wedded Enji Todoroki through an orchestrated marriage. She is the mother of her four kids and is at present in a clinic because of despondency.

Shoto Todoroki

shoto todoroki portrait

Shoto Todoroki, is one of the heroes and principle characters of the My Hero Academia manga. He is an understudy at U.A High School in the class 1-A, and was acknowledged by proposal. He intends to turn into a Professional Hero. He is additionally the child of the current No.1 Heroes, Endeavor.

Fuyumi Todoroki

fuyumi todoroki portrait
Fuyumi Todoroki is Shoto Todoroki older sister and the girl of the legend Endeavor. She is additionally the main young lady in the family.

Natsuo Todoroki

natsuo todoroki portrait

Natsuo Todoroki is one of the two older brothers of Shoto Todoroki and the son of Enji Todoroki. He's a college student.

Touya Todoroki

touya todoroki portrait
Touya Todoroki is the eldest son of Enji Todoroki and Rei Todoroki, as well as the older brother of Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto Todoroki.

MHA Todoroki Family

mha todoroki family

The Todoroki family is certifiably not a common adoring family, yet a constrained, oppressive, cold one from the beginning.

Enji Todoroki utilized his capacity and impact to compel a marriage with his future spouse Rei. The motivation behind this marriage was an endeavor by Enji to imagine and bring up a youngster with an amazing Quirk to outperform All Might. The marriage between the two was a cold one and only accomplished for Enji's own longings.

The two had imagined one little girl and two children before the half breed Quirked Shoto was conceived. At five years old, Enji prepared Shoto to turn into a Hero through brutal and awful methods. Shoto had little collaboration with his more seasoned kin during his adolescence because of his dad's mediation.

shoto todoroki family

Shoto's mom, Rei attempted to forestall Enji from causing Shoto to experience his serious preparing however Enji wouldn't tune in and requested she avoided it.Shoto's mom was additionally a casualty to Enji's maltreatment, to the point she began getting intellectually unsteady.

She snapped one day when she saw Shoto's left side which helped her to remember Enji and tossed bubbling water over him. After this episode, Enji had her admitted to a psychological hospital.

todoroki shoto family

Throughout the years, Shoto kept preparing while likewise detesting his dad prior to applying into U.A. Secondary School.

Beside Shoto, doubtlessly Enji treats his other kids impartially. He doesn't give them the brutal preparing that Shoto experiences nor does he appear to treat them appropriately as a conventional dad would to his kids, calling Shoto's siblings as 'things'. It is obscure concerning what the relationship is between Shoto's siblings with Shoto and Enji. Nor is it affirmed what befallen them.

todoroki siblings

In any case, it would show up Enji was lenient with Shoto communicating with Fuyumi, as observed when they are more seasoned. This proposes she is dealt with uniquely in contrast to his children.

Shoto later excused his mom for her consuming him as a youngster and now consistently visits her, indicating they have reconciled.

boku no hero academia todoroki family

It shows up after All Might's retirement, Enji has gradually moved past his past conduct as he expressed gratitude toward All Might for carrying his child to him. He later guaranteed Shoto that he would improve as a man, and attempts to stretch out this push to the remainder of his family as well.

Natsuo and Fuyumi have visited their mom and are demonstrated to be on acceptable standing with her. Natsuo notices to barely recollecting his dad, indicating Enji didn't invest energy in bringing up his senior kids. Rei uncovers to her two youngsters that Enji covertly visits her however they haven't met face to face

Nothing is known about what befallen Enji and Toya's relationship, yet Natsuo reprimands Enji for whatever prompted Toya's passing. In the end it was uncovered that he was really headed to villainy by Enji, he took the villain nickname : Dabi.

Todoroki Family Tree

To help you summarize all these informations, here is Shoto Todoroki family tree.

todoroki family tree

 Here are some cool fan arts done by the community that shows the Todoroki family.

my hero academia todoroki family
todoroki family fan art
shoto todoroki family fan art
the todoroki family

Thank you for reading our article, we hope you liked it ! Because you red all of it here are some exclusive answers to know more about the Todoroki family.

How many siblings does Shoto Todoroki have ?

Shoto Todoroki has 3 siblings in total.

Do Todoroki's siblings live with him ?

They lived together when Shoto was still a kid. Once he entered U.A, he stopped living with them.

Has the anime of MHA talked about todoroki's siblings ?

Well no, Touya Todoroki is still unknown by the anime community of My Hero Academia.

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