7 Reasons To Start My Hero Academia

7 Reasons To Start My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia is a manga that is talked about a lot, it is said of him that he is the next Naruto or Dragon Ball and other Shonen classics. As a great lover of Pop Culture and Super Heroes we had to understand why ! 
Suffice to say that we like it very much, but before we give you the reasons we will give you a bit of history !

This manga immerses us in a world where 80% of the population has a superpower called alter, the heroes are part of everyday life and the super-villains too ! Facing them stands the invincible


boku no hero academia

All Might, the most powerful of heroes is an idol for Izuku Midoriya. He has only one dream: to enter the Hero Academia to follow in the footsteps of his idol. The problem is that he is one of the 20% who has no power ... However, his fate turned upside down the day his path crosses that of All Might in person ! The latter offers him an unexpected chance to see his dream come true. For Izuku, the obstacle course has only just begun !

My Hero Academia Opening 1

An excellent Shonen !

my hero academia

BNHA is indeed good shonen, you have finished Naruto or you want to start the adventure of anime ? My Hero Academia is the perfect candidate ! Action, charismatic characters and a good dose of humor !

A character we identify with

midoriya izuku

Speaking of heroes, the main character, Izuku Midorya is a whiny Nerd, he is attaching, more engaging than annoying, he has a real nice background. But the best in this Manga are the secondary characters! The author has made them major players in the success of MHA with real personalities and a real place in the universe.

A rich universe

my hero academia anime

Let’s talk about the universe and powers in general. The manga makes us downright change our vision of super heroes thanks to its perception of super powers and the place we give them. The author has managed to make these unlikely and insignificant little tricks such as scotch an asset and create a powerful power !

Amazing Designs !mha

The designs and the interpretation of the different alters are just crazy. I am constantly between Manga & Comics, but Kohei Horikoshi integrates this idea of the typical American Hero very well. The line is fine and just, we love.

A real immersion into the job of a Hero


In My Hero Academia we talk about the condition of the hero in the form of a profession and not of vigilante. No but seriously they are regulated agencies. So we really agree, it's pretty cool to have presented it that way.

Well the only problem is that it removes the dark and torn side of the superhero that we find in comics. But all the better for each his territory and then do not mess around, we can not all play in the same court as Batman ...

Real life-lessons and emotions

izuku midoriya

Even the heroes are not infallible and that's why this manga is endearing. We all make mistakes and yet we fight to move forward and progress. Me it gives me heart balm, we are not on the stereotype of the manga with exaggerated emotions there is a real moral which hides behind all these muscles and these powers…

An Incredible animation

boku no hero

The anime is just huge. In Japan, the consecration for a manga and what proves that it will last is whether it will be adapted in animation or not. For MHA it is the case and in addition it is a small bomb. The story obviously takes over the manga even if some concepts are different, but there is nothing wrong with the animation. Top !

We hope that you liked our article ! If you have a friend and he still didn't start My Hero Academia, don't hesitate to share this post him.

Also we wrote an article about Dabi, a mysterious character in the world of My Hero Academia, if you didn't see make sure to have a look at it here.

Never forget young Hero to go PLUS ULTRA !

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