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Class 1-A leads the top of UA High in containing some of the most promising young heroes of the future and in the Heroes Rising movie, the class is assigned to the Hero Work Recommendation Project to help with their training after everyone obtained their provisional licenses. However, with All Might now officially retired, criminals are beginning to rise out of the shadows and one of them, is the movie’s antagonist, Nine, who can be considered the greatest villain of the franchise thus far.

Heroes rising showed us just how far our favourite characters are willing to go to protect the innocent, so why not rise to the occasion as well with this Boku No Hero Academia Heroes Rising poster?!

This Boku No Hero Academia Heroes Rising poster memorialises one of the greatest team up battles as they faced off against their toughest adversary, Nine!

  • Different sizes available
  • Perfect for interior decoration
  • High Quality Printing, faithful to the original work
  • The latest printing and coloring technology guarantees the perfection of every detail of the poster, clear prints, no fading, no coloring and no waste
  • Strong and resistant paper
  • An unforgettable gift for someone you appreciate

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