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Himiko Toga (Black)

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Armed with a very unique shape shifting ability, Himiko Toga’s quirk Transform, allows her to shape shift into any individual, as well as copy their voice. However, the catch to this quirk, is that she can only copycat her opponents if she has already ingested her blood. Moreover, the more blood she drinks, the longer she stays in that copied form. However, once deactivated, Himiko's disguise then melts into a gray liquid.

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An extremely sadistic villain, Toga is always looking to stir trouble, so why not start sparking up some trouble everywhere you go with these My Hero Academia Shoes Free Shipping today !

  • Large choice of size
  • 3D Digital printing, original design
  • Trendy Japanese Style
  • Converse Style
  • Durable : Rubber sole
  • Anti-sweat : Airy and breathable structure
  • Comfort + : Padded "Grip" sole
  • Canvas, soft rubber

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