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U.A. is the number one ranked high school that nurtures young heroes and is considered as the top Hero Academy in Japan. The class are each divided into letters of the alphabet eg. A, B, C, D, E, etc… with the students being proportionately separated into this classes based on their abilities. It was also originally a day school, but was later turned into a boarding school that has a 6-day school week, with the only rest day being Sunday. In class, students work towards the qualifications they need to become pro heroes and use their quirks in public spaces. This means thorough training in battle, first aid and all manner of heroics-related lessons.

The UA Academy stands as one the biggest hero course schools in the world, and this My Hero Academia UA poster is a great way to spice up your wall art today !

Boasting some of the most powerful hero students and pro heroes as teachers, this MHA UA poster is the perfect tribute to some of our favorite MHA characters !

  • Different sizes available
  • Perfect for interior decoration
  • High Quality Printing, faithful to the original work
  • The latest printing and coloring technology guarantees the perfection of every detail of the poster, clear prints, no fading, no coloring and no waste
  • Strong and resistant paper
  • An unforgettable gift for someone you appreciate

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