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From a very young age, Shoto was trained by his father, Endeavor and eventually entered U.A. High School through recommendations, further establishing himself as one of the strongest students in Class 1-A, right from the start. Armed with his extremely versatile and powerful Quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot, Shoto is gifted with the dual power capabilities, being both an extremely resourceful and powerful fire and ice user.

Whether he’s hot or he’s cold, there’s nobody cooler than Shoto and these epic Shoto Shoes are just the fashion upgrade you needed, don’t you think ?!

You can either heat things up, or cool things down in your closet by purchasing these Shoto Shoes today and watch how your next outfit gets super charged !

  • Large choice of size
  • 3D Digital printing, original design
  • Trendy Japanese Style
  • Converse Style
  • Durable : Rubber sole
  • Anti-sweat : Airy and breathable structure
  • Comfort + : Padded "Grip" sole
  • Canvas, soft rubber

We advice you to take your usual size.

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